For all girls in the world, have you ever desired to buy a lipstick to the extent that you wait for its exact launching time but you still cannot buy because it was sold out within 5 minutes?

Yes, I guess a lot of girls have been in this situation. However, it only happens for well-known brands like Anastasia, or Kylie Cosmetics. With a newbie in beauty industry, it would be impossible.

Let me tell you a story about OFELIA, a Los Angeles brand, but it was created by Tracy, a famous beauty blogger in Viet Nam.

Valentine’s special collection

OFÉLIA launched a special collection of liquid lipstick for Valentine day named “Touch of Rose”. I still remember its launching time was 9am when all people go to work and school. I thought no one would have time just to wait for a lipstick. But I was wrong. The collection was sold-out within 5 minutes. When I checked Facebook and Instagram, the hottest topic was OFÉLIA. A lot of people asked others to sell it to them with higher price. Even boys also talked about that.

People talked and posted a lot of photos about OFÉLIA’s lipstick

Three months later…OFÉLIA announced about restocking their latest collection.

When I was having dinner with my family, I stopped the meal and quickly access to their website to purchase. This time, lucky smiled on me. And, after 3 minutes, the whole collection was sold-out.

The story has raised a question that “What are the factors lead to the success of OFÉLIA?”.  I do believe that it is all about “Thought Leadership”. 


Tracy – founder of OFÉLIA


The founder of the brand, Tracy, studied in United States and OFÉLIA actually is an United States’ brand. Several years ago, she opened her own YouTube channel about testing lipsticks. Through the channel, she will swatch and share comments about all the new and trendy lipsticks. Gradually, cosmetic shops in Viet Nam use her photos and her videos to promote and attract people to buy their products.

Lip swatches by Tracy

Every lipstick which she has talked about became a trend among Vietnamese youngers. Some local brands decided to make a collaboration with her. Then finally, she created her own brand and people, especially her fans, had a strong expectation on it. They hope that she can make a perfect lipstick, improve some features which they cannot find in other brands. Then Tracy, the founder, really did that. Because she has tried a huge amount of lipstick, she knows exactly what customers want. Especially, whenever girls want to buy a lipstick, the thing they worry about is color. They always wonder whether the color is suitable for them or not. Understanding that fear, Tracy made a collaboration with Makeup Plus, a selfie application on smartphone, to enable girls to try the lipstick’s colors on their lips before they decide to buy.

Testing lipstick’s color by Makeup Plus

Until now, she has launched two collections of lipstick and always in “out of stock” situation. Her lipsticks have beautiful packaging, wonderful texture, long-lasting feature and pretty, trendy, unique colors. She made thing which seems impossible to be possible. Matte lipsticks always make lips be dry, however her matte lipstick can solve that problem and bring a moisturizing lips to customers. Especially, the price of her products is affordable which enable youngers who cannot purchase an expensive lipstick still can have it.

The first collection of OFÉLIA – Nightfall


Besides, Tracy has strong relationships with celebrities and beauty bloggers in Viet Nam. She takes that strength to promote for her brand. She gave them full collection as a gift then they will make a video testing and talking about it to promote the product to their fans.


And she also did videos to promote for her products.


In conclusion,

OFÉLIA seems still be a hot topic in Viet Nam and their store is opening soon. With a new brand like OFÉLIA, the road to success of becoming a truly recognized brand is still really long. It could become just a trend or a well-known brand not only in Viet Nam but also in other countries. I do believe that the creator’s ability and her “thought leadership” can effect strongly on the success of OFÉLIA now and in the future.

So are you going to try OFÉLIA?

What am I missing here? Please let me know in the comments.